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After a lot of painful painting I got it finished. I'm pretty happy with the end result but with more time I could have made it better. I didn't have a chance to clear coat it but the black laquer finish is pretty glossy by itsself.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-black-blue-front.jpg

I did the fade by painting several coats of black first, then when it dried I did coats of blue and just sprayed back and forth without going past the fade area. Spray paint naturally fades so I just took advantage of the spray. For some reason the fade area has a matte appearance. Maybe something to do with the difference between laquer and enamel.

Intel Mack Truck Mod-black-blue-left.jpg

Intel Mack Truck Mod-black-blue-rear.jpg

Intel Mack Truck Mod-black-blue-right.jpg
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