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Originally Posted by aghastpumpkin View Post
All I need is a blank DVD. Unfortunately I left all mine back at home so I can't install at the moment.
Unless I can do it through Windows using Daemon but I suspect not.
You can use a boot floppy for a network install, or using the .iso file on a linux or dos partition. Fedora should have instructions in the documentation section of their website. If not there are some scattered across the net or I could work up an install routine as well.

Fedora8 looks decent, I think I will give it a test spin on a backup rig. I've been running Gnome 2 2 on my main rig for a short time. While decent to work with it is still a little heavy for my needs. I would prefer split ebuilds or a very light base ebuild and let me go from there. Other than that 2.20 is ready for primetime

I am running right out there on the ragged edge with my main rig and Gentoo. Moved into GCC 4.3Alpha a couple of days ago. For an Alpha stage it's actually pretty sweet. No broken packages, nothing failed to compile so I can't complain. Using some very safe Cflags for the moment though.
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