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I've built two machines using this chasis for my company, one being an Athlon X2 4000+ / 2GB ram, another being a Core2Quad Q6600 / 4GB ram. All of the previous machines the company used were whiteboxes with cheap cases, 60mm fans, and poor build quality.

These new ones, built with Thermaltake Soprano cases run very cool, have very low rpm 120mm fan at the back, and an equally low rpm 140mm fan at the front.

First thing my boss said was "is it actually switched on?" He couldn't believe how silent these machines were compared to the vacuum cleaners that were the old boxes.

The tool free assembly was very easy and well engineered, the PSU that came standard with it was both 20pin and 24pin capable, and I fitted an ASUS standard sized ATX Socket AM2 motherboard in one, and a full sized ATX (square shaped) MSI Socket 775 motherboard to the second.

Motherboard installation was very easy, and I very much liked the center spike in this case, which is essentially a standoff with a pin in the end of it, that pokes through one of the motherboard's screw holes in the center of the board, allowing you to use it to center, or locate the motherboard, and line it up with the I/O shield. Smallest little invention, that was absolutely brilliant in practice.

The whole unit including PSU (Thermaltake branded 430W) was only $125 Australian dollars.

Great value on a premium case for economy money.
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