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Creative Zen Touch won't boot

Yet another newbie here. I have a Creative Zen Touch that I'm trying to upgrade. I swapped out the Hitachi 20GB hard drive for a Hitachi 40GB hard drive and now it just goes to Recovery Mode. Just before it gets to the menu, it briefly flashes "Firmware Problem" on the screen, so naturally I tried reloading the firmware. The PC sees the device when it's plugged in--even says it's a Creative Zen Touch--but the firmware update tool says it's not connected. The player has the connected logo on the screen when it is connected as well.

So far I have tried the Media Player rollback from 11 to 10, removing all Creative drivers and USB Root Hubs, and reinstalling, but no change. It detects as an MTP device, but it still doesn't seem to be too happy.

Any ideas? You all seem like a clever bunch. :-)
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