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My Xmas Present

This is my big present from my Mum. I don't get a lot for Christmas...this is all I'll get, but ya know you learn to appreciate getting anything at all.
So when those of you who'll get hundreds of dollars or pounds worth of goodies, just spare a thought that some people get nothing, or at best a simple meal!!

My big present, if you like though, should hopefully be the successful birth of my best friends baby girl. That's gonna make me smile more than any present ever could.

Easily the best ear-canal headphones in that price range, and most likely only bettered by the 2/3 Shure models that have succeeded them.
Forget Bose (you pay mostly for the brand) Shure are where it's at!

They should also crap all over my Sennheiser CX300s (which incidentally only carry Sennheiser branding, they are not actually designed or made by Sennheiser but by a Chinese company). Shure E2C-N In-Ear Headphones - Black: Electronics & Photo

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