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I am installing a T-Bird 1400 266. I plan to overclock it. I had many questions and they were answered elsewhere.
What is the Temperature range of this chip. I wanna know how high the temp can go and still be safe.
My CPU is a 1.33@1472 (11x133) 1.85v. ROCK STABLE.

Planning to get a better ENERMAX sucks when its under load.

Anyways my,

Idle temps are arnd 42-44
Under load temps are 45-48

But remember that I live in a tropical country so ambient temps are pretty high over here.........

Be sure to get the AMD RECOMMENDED spec case too. If you get the wrong case, temps will surely me on this one.

And may I just say that Swiftech is the BEST cooler.....period!!!! Well worth the arm and the leg if u plan to overclock.
AOA Team fah
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