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We’re all supporting the same cause. That guide was put on the Folding Forums to help everyone. It was originally hidden on MaximumPC’s forum but after seeing the result I realized it needed to be shared. I wanted some more input too.
Obviously there’s no need to remove the guide from this or any other website... just include a link or something. It rubbed me the wrong way when I thought somebody tried to pawn it off as there own. I see ccperf721p isn't that type.

I do have a request b4 I go.

Please include a link and/or quote Vijay Pande's post on page 2. (Stanford prefers we use 1 client)

You might find it in your best interest to mention bruce’s post on page 4 (second to last) and ask people to save their personal opinions and not fuel the never ending debate.

It will help OCed Quads more then stock.

Sorry for the drama

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