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really easy questiona about print and file sharing

but i just can't seem to get it through my thick skull.

i have one xp workstaion sharing it's printer. why can't my other win2k system access it's printer? and why the hell do i have to enable the user in xp in order to be able to access and set up the printer in the win2k unit?

is it standard to have to set up a local user on xp in order to print or even see the printer in win2k. btw the user on win2k has a "super user" account and i did permit super users to have access to the printer magement.

what really pisses me off is that i'm the only on on the xp unit so why should i have to enable other users? that means i have to enter a password everytime i need to get into windows. WTF!!!!

am i missing something other than sleep or an education got damnit?


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