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The report was performed in August 2007. AMD provided a loan machine for the testing, which was the limit of their participation. Intel refused a technical dialog with them.

Base machine specification:

Xeon 5160 running at 3GHz (4Mb L2 cache)
Intel 5000PAL motherboard

Opteron 2222 running at 3GHz (1Mb L2 cache)
8GB DDR II at 667MHz
Tyan S3992 motherboard

From Neal Nelson & Associates

Other observations that can be made from the test results include:
1) Larger memory configurations deliver both higher throughput and better power efficiency,
2) Intel's power efficiency advantages decrease as memory size increases,
3) AMD's power efficiency advantages increase as memory size increases,
4) For primarily calculation type workloads, the Xeon delivers 8.0 to 14.0 percent higher peak throughput, and
5) For primarily disk I/O intensive workloads the Opteron delivers 11.3 to 19.4 percent higher peak throughput.

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