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Originally Posted by HellasVagabond View Post
So what should i do ? Post links for 100 sites that speak of the problems ?
One reputable source will show your honestly relaying what you've read. Two or three add real creditability to what you've said... At this point, you need one.

Or perhaps find a FOX rep and tell him to post here ? Both are quite impossible to achieve so goggling is easy. He goggled and found what i was talking about in no time.
If something is impossible why bring it up? I asked for your source, if that is impossible, maybe you should refrain from making the claims you have?

As for Toshiba paying they paid initially in order to choose which side to go to just like Sony had paid FOX in the beginning. Both sides paid movie companies in the beginning that was kinda natural cause if not then perhaps movie companies wouldn't have joined either HD format since the costs for making such a move into an rather expensive HD-format wouldn't be justified.
But to pay a company thats about to join the other camp so that they wont is whats unethical and what i don't agree with totally.
You haven't show how this is unethical, you just claim that it is.

When you make claims you must substantiate them or others will think you just make stuff up...
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