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I think we can be certain that Nvidia TWIMTBP partners certainly will eventually. Thing is, I know more people that are OpenBSD users than PhysX card users. And I /don't/ know many OpenBSD users.

Cadaveca bought one, not the best investment in the world. If Nvidia did have an integrated PPU in their chipsets, perhaps sharing system RAM like existing IGP solutions, I think people would buy it. Firstly because its Nvidia, secondly because in this age nobody wants to have a heap of add-in boards (especially PCI) and lastly because if you look on high end motherboards, 90% of the so called features are pure wank. I saw a board the other day marketed at gamers with dual gigabit NICS and 2X HDMI ports, and a remote LCD display panel with a long cord so that while you are playing games you can eagerly keep a close eye on your motherboard's POST code.

Now that's what I need! Every few minutes I use /my/ computer I start getting the jitters wondering what my motherboard is doing.

Give it a few years and they'll have a display for monitoring the impedance of the headphones you have plugged into the onboard sound card because its deeply valued technical information. "Oh ****, my 300Ohm headphones just broke 305... BLACK HAWK DOWN, I repeat BLACK HAWK DOWN"

Given how keen they are to charge for added crap on a motherboard, a PPU built in might be something I'd actually want.
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