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Unhappy "Bugged" Vista Exp. Index Score?

Hi all,
earlier today, when i was experiencing 5k+ latency in WoW, i decided to try and see if i could optimise it (even though it came from nowhere, only other weird thing was when it kept crashing a day earlier, which involved me completely reinstalling it). I assumed that NV Net. Access Manager would be better, or at least usable by now. Yet again, my Vista install went a similar way to my old XP install. After reinstalling Vista and the essential drivers (Ethernet ignoring NAM prompt, Catalyst, Realtek HD, as well as the DXWeb Updater), i started up WoW. I played on my main character for a while (hell, i missed the guilds first kara run due to this), no problems, or non that i noticed. I then logged onto my mage alt where i was met with one annoying problem; fps spikes. Yep, every 2 seconds or so, the fps would freeze for about 0.25-0.5 seconds. As you can imagine, it's like playing on 60 fps at 30hz refresh rate and really hurts the eyes.

Also, previously, when running the CoD 4 demo, i had no FPS problems whatsoever. Now, when there's a lot going on at the same time, FPS suddenly drops down to around 5 until the action has cleared.

What else was strange, is that when i run the Vista Experience Index tool, CPU and RAM have dropped to 4.8 (from a very nice 5.9), and Graphics AND Gaming Graphics are both stuck at 1.0! Yep, you read right, 1.0, down from about 5.3 (somewhere around there iirc).

So, what does this say to you guys, because to me, it says that something iffy is going on.

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YouTube - Benchmark Results (Coming Soon!)
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