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Here's my temps at normal conditions *instant messaging, browsing, email checking*

I'll get a few when I'm gaming tonite...

Now, when I was in the process of checking my PC as to why my computer last had issues, I removed the PSU which meant I had to remove the top 80MM fan. I haven't put it back in yet because well I'm lazy. =( Now, do you think this would be a cause of a crash...1X 120MM Silverstone fan pulling in air @ 110CFM and 2X 120MM Silverstone fans exhausting the air @ 110CFM...the top fan was an 80MM Silverstone exhausting air at about 75CFM....I have yet to put the side panel of my case on the computer and I've had it for about 6 months now....That has 4X 120MM Silverstone fans on it @ 110CFM.
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