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Hmm...This is just a hunch, but I think your Graphics card is being under powered. This is the reason I went with a 750w PS instead of the 650w they were going to put in my system originally. This way I don't worry about anything being undervolted or underpowered & have plenty of headroom.
But looking at your PS specs it does have the needed amperage for the 8800GTS card...hmmm

My Fan mod...hehe. This is so simple it's just stupid & works alot better than using a Slot Fan because it's pulling out the hot air directly coming out the back of the card's heatsink & pulling cool air to the card's intake fan. This also helps keep everything in the case much cooler too, like the CPU thats directly above it.
Before I did this the cards temps idled at 64c & got up to 83c (or more) while gaming. This also cause my CPU temps to go up as well from the heat coming off the card & rising up in the case but not anymore!

All I did was take out the slot Covers for other addon cards on the back of the case below my graphics card (now the air can flow out that way) then used a Superlock™ Strip (Like Velcro but better) to attach the fan to the side of the case (no screws or glue needed) and routed the fan's plugin through the top slot off to the side around my rear exhaust fans & into the empty rear fan header on the mobo. The other 2 rear exhaust fans are at 100% and plugged directly into the powersupply. Then I use Fanspeed to control the speed of the fan. So when I'm not gaming it's at 43% (around 1200rpm and silent) and when the CPU hits 105F it goes up to full speed @ 2300rpm.
I got the Superlock™ Strips at Radioshack. They hold REALLY STRONG & the fan never moves. - Cables, Parts & Connectors: Chemicals, tape & adhesives: Adhesives & fasteners: Superlock™ Strips (2-Pack)

This way I can put everything back the way it was very easily if I want to take that fan out because nothing was drilled or glued at all.

Btw, I did post this mod in this forum last year after I first joined in on the fun here and I still think you guys are funny!!!
Getting rid of the Graphics Card HEAT!
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