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Sony nav-u NV-U93T (new toy - photos)

Just got myself a new GPS device for the road, an NV-U93T.

It's got a nice big screen at 4.8 inches on the diagonal, and has blue-tooth for hands-free phone calls.

Photo 1

You can see it's pretty big in comparison to my finger, and operated by touch-screen.

Sony nav-u NV-93T (new toy - photos)-satnav_01.jpg

Photo 2

Various settings can be changed, including setting the screen brightness to automatic, so that it dims when there is less ambient light.

Sony nav-u NV-93T (new toy - photos)-satnav_02.jpg

Photo 3

This is the start screen which you see when the device is first powered on.

Sony nav-u NV-93T (new toy - photos)-satnav_03.jpg

Photo 4

The 3D map, as seen when just browsing around the map. Road names are shown when zoomed in a bit more.

Sony nav-u NV-93T (new toy - photos)-satnav_04.jpg

I took these photos indoors where there's no satellite signal, or aerial connected to the device. So, there's no green arrow showing the device position on the map.

When navigating, the route shows up in orange, and you can have voice directions activated or off. It also shows a lot of other info, such as speed, distance to next junction, ETA, etc.

It comes with a suck-on cradle, aerial wire, USB lead and a 12-volt car charger. Plus a software disc for uploading map data, etc.
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