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E8400. Where do i go from here?

Hey all,
Just got my E8400 up and running (after a massive "I've shorted my board with a loose fan connecter" panic yesterday). However, although i did overclocking on my old 3200+, C2D OC's seem a lot more confusing. On the board i'm using, Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI, the overclocking menu gives me the FSB value, but it's at QDR, rather than the much easier to understand SDR that i've been so used to in the past. My old understanding of overclocking is that FSB * Multi = CPU speed (let's not even go into how memory OC's were handled in relation to FSB speed). Put simply, generally OC's i put in just worked.

However, OCing on the C2D platform seems to have taken a new, rather unfamiliar and scary twist. How do i go about OCing on the C2D platform?

I tried upping the FSB speed until i got the desired CPU speed (Yes, going for 4Ghz immediately wasn't exactly ideal, but i've heard great things about the E8XX series), and then sorting out the memory OC, since i'd set the board to Unlinked so i could control each manually. Even trying at 3.6Ghz and there's no luck.

I'm unsure what it is, but a lot of it just doesn't make sense. I bought an IFX-14 CPU cooler along with a Xilence 120mm RedWing fan purposely to overclock the chip. Reading reports of them reaching 4.4Ghz without a problem, and then me sat scratching my head at the whole situation does make me a little "upset".

So, any tips on how i go about OCing something that's only got a 9.0x max multi, a 1333mhz stock FSB, and amazing potential? (Please don't point me to the guide at Hexus). I want to understand, and i have tried, but realising again and again i don't understand it is when it's time to ask for help.


EDIT: Can manage 3.15Ghz without increasing voltage (although i gave it an extra 0.05v just to be safe), but somewhere between there and 3.6Ghz is where it's "unPOSTable". The memory seems to overclock much higher now without problems (980Mhz is as high as i've gone so far, gonna try for 1Ghz, and then maybe 1066Mhz). Also, even with the CPU cooler i have, it still stays at 52C idle and 56-58C load. I don't know about you, but that seems a little high, considering it's an aftermarket cooler too. It seems to be like that at stock too, and no matter on the OC i put into it, provided i can get into Windows to see the temp, it seems to have the same temps. I dunno if i should be worried or not, but the fact the cooler isn't even getting warm to the touch does give me a little cause for concern. Also, due to the layout of my case, i wasn't able to install the smaller "back of motherboard" cooler, but only the top one, perhaps this is what's "gone wrong"?

EDIT 2: After installing Speedfan, it now states that the CPU temperature is 26c idle, and 27c while calculation Super Pi to 4M (21 iterations). Personally, based on being able to actually feel it not getting even warm, i tend to trust Speedfan more.
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