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Well i used CT_Viewport to set up the render area and it worked, it just made it look like, well, i really don't know how to describe it, but it wasn't pretty.

Well, my new 8800GT 512MB arrived today. And at stock, it smashes my overclocked 3850Pro 256MB to pieces in all benchmarks i've tested. It's got less bandwidth and lower GPixel/Sec count, but a much higher GTexel/Sec count. +1.1k on a 3DM05 score is a helluva lot considering i've not even overclocked yet. And it's quieter to boot. I've not tested in any games yet, but i'm expecting to see higher FPS in just about every game.

The motheboard i ordered went out of stock a few hours after i ordered and it wasn't me who got the last one so that's on backorder. However, my new Dominater memory did arrive. I've yet to install it as there's no point using it in this board, but i may see even more of an increase if i did decide to do so.

Although the card cost me about £100 because it was on a this week only AND weekend special at the same time, the performance increase was worth spending the money. Shouldn't have any Transparency Antialiasing issues in WoW either.

UPDATE: Able to run crysis at 1280x1024 2xAA all settings at high with smooth fps (30+) at all times except during the "in-game videos". It autoset all settings to high which really surprised me. Running at 4xaa causes massive slowdown but at 2xaa, there's not much in Crysis that can slow it down. Even using unlimited suit energy mode, going at full speed and there's no fps drop. WoW is about the same in terms of performance, but everything else, especially stuff that uses more texture shaders than pixel shaders seems to be massivly better.
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YouTube - Benchmark Results (Coming Soon!)

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