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If I go low end-approx $200. That will get me motherboard, Pentium D dual core cpu, 1gb memory, decent HSF, 5.1 logitech speakers, and mabe a low end 400w PSU.
Higher end: approx $300/$350-and I might be able to pull this off IF I sell my present rig. Same motherboard, core2 cpu, 2gb memory,high end HSF, sata HDD, good 450/500w PSU, same speakers, and a case to put it in.

I didn't choose the ASRock because of price. If I could find a higher end motherboard with same setup-I'd take a good look at that, at double the price. AS a budget board though, it got some pretty good reviews.
AnandTech: ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2: Sneak Peek

Bottom line is that it is the only motherboard that had all the options I was looking for:
Will support up to Core 2 Extreme- for possible future upgrade
AGP- I'm not about to scrap a $200 Video card! and have to buy a $200 PCIe card as well.
7.1 channel sound-would be happy w/5.1 but most AGP
boards don't offer even that.
2 ATA channels-most are only offering 1 now.
Even though I hope to buy a SATA HDD to, I still need more than 2 ATA devices and I don't want an ATA card unless I have to.
I found a few that came close but when you through in AGP, the motherboard options start to get pretty slim.

That's pretty much it. If you could tell me of higher quality board w/those options-I would take a serious look at it. I know I couldn't find one.
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