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The board is set. Only one that has the features you need so there isn't anything better.

The E2180 would be a better CPU choice than the PD950, within 2 or 3% performance wise, and if overclocked just a little would start to walk away from the 950. It would run cooler, draw less power and you could actually get away with the factory HSF with that CPU.

As long as you stay with a decent manufacturer you will be alright with the memory. Stay away from companies like all-components and stuff like that. DDR2-667 is all you need for your setup.

Looks like you will be going second hand for some of the stuff. I just don't see any way to keep it at 200, the board, cpu and memory will pretty much wrap up the budget. Scour the forum classified and stick up a wanted post to see what's available.
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