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Anand's review says it's a good budget board, my only complaint with it is that it features a Via chipset, which means that you must install the drivers for the chipset and driver for your Vidcard very carefully. If you're content with "stock" performance or quite mild overclocking, there's nothing wrong with this board. I've only bought and installed one Asrock(for an AMD rig) m'board, it's chugging along faithfully after eighteen months.

It bites that decent components cost decent bucks. Honestly, begrudging yourself a GOOD quality power supply with more than sufficient capacity is a BAD way to go. A PSU that can't handle the strain of all that amperage can destroy every component in a PC. If buying all of your new components leaves too little money for a good power supply--wait until you can afford to buy a good, capable PSU before firing up your new box. Nobody said it would be easy, I wish life wsn't like that sometimes!
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