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On the booman case, hell yes you can use some recycled commercial PC case. That's a pretty cool case, btw. Looks like a lot of plastic skin on it. Definitely your element. Booman + Dremel + plastic..... stiff competition imo. The dungeon case really impressed me.

Curran, I know we are going to see something cool out of you too. Hell, my next case is definitely your school of thought. I am kicking it up a notch though, and for once, not saying a word till it's done.

Porporme. Your buget is probably why you are so set on losing. Why don't you just go nuts and submit something sooo far outside the rules that we have to give you the "dirty dirty cheater award". It'd be a funny contrast. Kinda a win for losing thing. Make a mockery of the rules. I know you can do it.
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