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I think curran's take on it is the best. If you want to post progress, please do it on a blog, and don't link to it from here. I understand that it is hard to keep things quiet. I have never been good at it. Several people porbably remember the pics of my first failed attempt at making a usable mac classic with a PC in it. I shouldn't have posted those while I was working on the next attempt. Everyone at the PCC website that was offened by it used those pics out of context to show what a crappy job I had done. As much as the PC community loved it, the mac people wanted to bash my skull in.

I was thinking about this contest "thing", and I decided, the best way to decide if a contest is a good idea, is to do the next one while the current is running. So, while you guys are modding away, I will be doing 2 or 3 other projects. One of them will be the prize for this contest. I've also decided that the rules for the next contest will consist of a single word. (Well, that teaser is gonna get your brains cooking, ain't it?)
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