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Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
I know this one has been bounced around before but I'd like some feed back. I have SpeedFan and Hardware Monitor. My Core 2 duo E4300 is at full load. HW reports core temps at 32c. SF reports core temps at 53c. I'm not concerend about the temps themselves but I'd like to know which one is accurate. When I start to OC it will make a difference-a big one!
Core Temp v0.99.1 is what I use all the time to monitor my Core Temps as it has System Tray temp readings that you can read at any time to see how hot it is.
It also supports the Logitech G15 keyboard display so you can watch your temp even while playing games and I've found it to be very accurate for the 65nm Core 2 Duo processors.
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