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Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
You really know how to make a guy nervous don't ya?
I'm not really nervous. This PowerUp 385w is not being stressed so It should be OK. [I wish I would have put my PowerMagic 350w in instead. It has been a good work horse for years, OC'ing and all.]When the finances are a little looser around this house, I want to start OC'ing this E4300 but to do that I need to upgrade some more. Namely a PSU & HSF. I was going to buy the HSF first [Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro] but I think the PSU just went to to the top of the list! Recommendations?
I used one Chinese 450W cheapest ever PSU with my 8800 and 4300@3Ghz for about 6 months. +1TVcard+creativecard+2hdd+raid card+dvdwr and until I got this 600W I had no issues. So those explosions seems a bit inducted if you get me
I've heard that linux community came up with better implemented security in it's latest Linux Mint Gold version, it's actually preventing the user to log in, thus posing 0 risk in contamining the computer with malware! Well done to the open source community!

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