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Captain's inactivity!

First off, let me just apologise to everyone [but mostly the modders] for my lack of activity over the past few months.

It's the same every year. I tend to have a lot of free time in the Summer, but it just gets eaten up by other things. By the time I know it, it's back to education again, where I spend most of my time, believe it or not, studying and working. =P

Not now, though! Upon realising how inactive I have become, and re-realising my passion for case modding, I am back and ready to mod!

I know Booman has set up a contest , and there have been others who are still being active modders, and I want to thank each and every one of you for not keeping the Mod Squad alive!

Captaincy of the Mod Squad is up for grabs! I don't feel I'm capable to create a structured team of modders, nor do I feel that I will have enough time to overlook all the mods that people are working on. And, to be honest, there are a lot of modders here better than me =P. So if anyone feels they can do a better job, please post here! I'll leave it to the mods' diplomacy to decide on how to choose one, though.

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