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Originally Posted by gedon View Post
here are some experiences on my 8800GT
174.55 slowest
177.35 fastest
177.89 a little bit slower than 177.35
The reports of driver production are as varied as the people writing them, and I guess that's 'cause of all the different HW configurations. I can't say that I concur with what you found on your box. Here's what I had:

177.35 baseline for me
177.66 not much speed improvement, if any
177.79 a significant improvement, about 3% or so over 177.35
177.83 skipped this one, because 177.89 was released two days later
177.89 about 5 seconds per frame faster on one or two WUs, but noticeably cooler-about 3C

I get about 1:25-1:35 per frame with 177.89 on any WU I have seen so far. I've done probably 300+ WUs to date.

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