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Question Need help and advice on my OC settings! (Again...)

I pretty much got the basics down but need more added info from someone here.
Here's the thing.
Whenever I go passed 3.4Ghz, I get it stable (at least it "seems" to be) at 3.46, 3.5, etc, at the lowest voltage settings I can and still pass an OCCT test, but after a day or two it becomes unstable because the chipset drivers become corrupted along with misilanious OS files.
Anyways, after I reinstall the chipset drivers & fix the system files (checkdisk) all is well again with the OC settings I had input.

What would cause this the most? NB or SB bridge voltage?
This will narrow it down some for me as to what needs a bit more juice so I don't have data corruption.

NOTE: Keep in mind the multi is locked on this CPU @ x10 so the FSB is a multi of that aka 3.4GHz is 340 FSB.

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