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Originally Posted by ccperf721p View Post
The southbridge controls the hard drives.

Are you running the occt 1 hour test? For 24/7 use I like to see 8 hours OCCT / Prime95 stable. I prefer Prime because the test it fails on will help me determine whether it is memory or cpu that drops first
So you're saying it would be the NB then?
But I"m running such low FSB compared to most out there but I guess it all depends on how everything together in the system as a whole comes together as to what is enough voltage to make the NB stable.
That's also the case on my memory as it stays below 900Mhz and they can clock to 992Mhz.

I usually run a custom 30 min test but I guess I need to run at least an hour or 2 to make sure my settings are stable for long term usage.

I"m no longer in a hurry so to speak to get good OC results.

Btw, at 1.450v vcore my temps are decent now...but it seems this still isn't enough for a 3.60-3.66GHz OC...rrr

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