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Originally Posted by ccperf721p View Post
I have never seen the bios of the BX, but it should be southbridge voltage and not northbridge. All of the 975X boards I had would do 400 without having to raise voltage or maybe required a little bump.

I would also take a look at the memory, what voltage are you running to it at 850 4 4 4? 2.0 - 2.125 is pretty common on some of the older stuff to hold 4 4 4 timings after 850..
Awh...gottcha! Southbridge voltage increase it is...

These are the lowest stable voltage settings (I thought) for 3.46Ghz...

3.46Ghz Settings
Host Clock Frequency set to 346
CPU vcore set to 1.3875v with Enhanced Powerslope Enabled
Front Side Bus Voltage Override: 1.300v (1.250 is default)
MCH/ICH Voltage Override: 1.525v (Default, increase to what?)
Memory set to 4-4-4-12 CL @ 2.12v / Memory frequency: 667 / 1066 FSB Strap (FSB/DRAM 4:5) @ 875Mhz

What voltage would you recommend ccp on the Southbridge to keep my data from being corrupted??? (MCH/ICH)
Thanks forhand...
As of this morning (Mon 25th) I'm back to 3.46Ghz & increased the SB to 1.550v.
I ran Prime for an hour with no errors but who's to say I won't have them on a longer test.
I'm going to do that this afternoon when I take a nap.

Once I get this figured out, I'm going for the 3.66Ghz OC (1Ghz OC) on my CPU!
I reconfigured all my case fans to where I've got good cooling now & the case is Cold and with the Zalman on the CPU it can handle up to 1.4625v on the vcore and still be within
thermal specs...

I took out some of the fine metal mesh fan grills and replaced them with fan radial fan grills (pic below) to allow for more air throughput on the 2 80mm exhaust fans in the back of the case.
Then I added a high volume 120mm Scythe intake fan in the front that puts out 110 cfm & use the Zalman fanmate 2 control to control the speed.

I found out that after a period of time, the Zalman fan has gotten pretty quiet, so I wanted to see how loud it would be running at full speed connected directly to the CPU fan header.
Well guess what, it's not loud at all running at 2650 rpm! So this really cools the CPU good now!
You'd think all of this would be a bunch of fan noise, but without the mesh obstructions in the way, the fans got very quiet and let a ton more air in and out of the case!
The loudest fan in the lot is the Scythe 120mm fan, but that's at full speed!

I've already clocked my CPU to 3.67GHz to see but it wasn't very stable, but the temps were very good!
CPU-Z 3.67GHz OC Validation
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Need help and advice on my OC settings! (Again...)-120mm-slipstream-fan.jpg   Need help and advice on my OC settings! (Again...)-fan-grills.jpg  

EVGA GTX 470 SC 37% OC (855/1710/2004) 160.5Gbs
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