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Originally Posted by Redroar View Post
MrSeanKon has taken a much-needed break..
Thank you mate
Sorry guys I could not surf.

Originally Posted by dabaerman View Post
does Phenom X4 need 64bit os to function????
No as wild_andy_c replied.
The OS is Windows XP SP2 (I unistalled SP3) and recognizes the CPU all seem that OK.

What's up with the OcBible estimators?
Although are made for single core AMD CPUs I tried the AMD Breakdown CPU speed & the predictions were good.
Actually the CPU follows cubic convergence (the n is almost 0.3)
Moreover does not high Vcores which is obviously since the startup n is < 0.5
The MSF1 is 2794 MHz (four SuperPi 32M simultaneously) and Vcore1 is a bit higher than its default voltage (1.25 Volts)
If you would like to post (other day) more stuff (plots & photos) let me know

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