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Arrow Bad mobo...

I'm convinced now that I've got a not so good mobo, because it won't stay stable for me for any amount of time.
(1-2 weeks at a time with anything over 3.30GHz, currently back to 3.46GHz)

The only way I can make it stable again is to re-install my chipset drivers & bios each time which is a royal PITA.
I've done everything I can think of to get it stable and it just won't stick...& since pushing it some (Up to 3.67GHz) I've noticed when the bios will post it now takes 5 seconds for it to continue to Windows boot where as before it was 1 second so I think the bios chip is screwed up some & thats the reason it won't stay stable OCed for more than a couple of weeks at a time. (It's a permanently soldered in bios chip too)
Too bad because with this Zalman it will keep the CPU cool even with a full 1GHz OC on it. (Already tested it @ 3.67GHz to see but it wouldn't stay stable for nothin)

Of course I can't complain about the mobo & have it sent back via warranty because my warranty doesn't cover overclocking and that's the only time it gives me problems...
As a matter of a fact OCing voids my warranty so I can't say anything about it at all...

So I just have to wait it out until it either goes bad all together, or my warranty runs out & I'll just replace it with a better one like an Asus Rampage Extreme or P5NE.
By then the prices should be very low on these boards as the new mobos that support the new i7 Core processors will be out.
Then I can OC it a full GHz like I want it to be...

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