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Originally Posted by richvanrooyen View Post
Hey Muff1n...

As you are aware, I have never been able to get this board stable at speeds above 3.4 ghz... I'm a little puzzled why you expect to get higher here...

I do have the Zalman also, but it just isn't stable. Are you able to hold at 3.4 ghz (that is stable)? (not 3.46 ghz)?

I think the point of overclocking (from what I have heard here) is to find the fastest, most stable level your mb and cpu will go... There isn't any promise that you will (a) be able to overclock the machine and (b) have a dramatic overclock. Try to keep that in perspective while you are doing this. I found myself getting frustrated and trying for higher and higher speeds... I would have probably blew my machine up if I hadn't thought about this or reset my perspectives.

I would sit at the stable level and count your blessings that you managed to overclock this fast! 3.3 ghz or 3.4 ghz is nothign to sneeze at!
That's all well and good Rich but I want what I want!
This CPU can easily do a 1GHz OC (3.67GHz) so I want it!!!
If that means replacing the mobo to do it then that's what I'll end up doing after this one either goes out or the warranty is done.

No, 3.4GHz doesn't stay stable for more than a couple of weeks.
The only OC that is 100% stable for indefinite periods of time is 3.30GHz and that just won't do...hehe!

Right now I got it back up to 3.46GHz and for the time being it's stable.
As soon as it becomes unstable again I'll just reinstall the chipset & bios again to make it stable.

And No Porpor, I wasn't upset about your OC! As a matter of a fact I'm happy for ya!

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