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If I'm understanding you corectly, the objective is to get the GPU client to start a new WU. I have deleted the work dir and the Q 7 0r 8 times. Why don't I just delete the client and reinstall it?

Just so you know, I don't have all the dignostic skills in the world and I am not bothered about sticking my curser in where it might not belong. I have learned more that way than any other and I also have learned to have things set up when, not if, the effort to find the problem is not going any where. I'm set up to Format C:\ and be back up to allmost the same point I was in approx. 3 to 4 hours. Not a problem for me. I much prefer to solve the problem. With your help there has been more than one. Just don't get bothered if we hit a wall. Not a big deal.
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