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Originally Posted by ThunderRd View Post
The objective was to get an "old" style WU [not from 5508-5513 or 5017-5022] and see if the problem persists. When you deleted the work folder 7 or 8 times, did you get an "old" WU any of those times?

Reinstalling the client does nothing if the problems are a result of the WUs themselves. The client was running fine, and all of a sudden, on the same day that the new WUs are released, along with several thousand other users, it begins to misbehave. I just thought I'd save you some effort in diagnosing.

My apologies. When I saw your post this morning, I thought you were looking for a hand.

If you're more in your comfort zone tearing down your system instead of figuring out what the problem is by elimination, then feel free. I have a very strong suspicion that the problem will remain even after, until they get the WUs and the drivers sorted out, though. Good luck, then.
Back up the trolley! We have miscommunicated again. I thought I was clear that I would prefer to work through the problem with your help but if we hit a wall I could go another way as well.
I could not get a different WU and thought reinstalling the client would solve that problem. I did ask, I didn't do it. I tried again to delete the files and it finialy worked. I got a different WU. a 5510 but, as you guessed, it didn't solve the problem.
So, you want to just sit tight for a few days and see what shakes out?
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