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I've got no more ideas for you right now. Are you deleting the queue file as well as the complete contents of the work folder? If the client won't pull an old WU to check what's at fault I can't give you any more information. I can't understand why it won't pull an old one eventually. My box has been getting some of those between the new ones.

The system has the download of all WUs weighted by some probability formula I'm not 100% clear on. Today [last night for you] the newer WUs were weighted differently so they don't go out as often as before. This is temporary until the new core comes, I would think. I think the fact that your system is OK without the clients running mens that the WUs are at the bottom of the problem-not the clients; I mean, everything was good til the new WUs came and then BAM. Problems. If I were you I'd run the clients overnight when you don't need the machine, until the developers settle the problems down.

I'm having problems with EUEs and this Unstable Machine message on WUs sandwiched between successful completions, and I can't get it stable either. I may just shut the GPU clients down indefinitely and wait til I can run stably again. This box is pulling 352 watts at the wall with 3 clients running. That's a lot of juice.
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