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This new update from the Boss:
Originally Posted by VijayPande
Here's an update. Mark has a new core with several mods for these issues. [EUE, UM, etc.] It's in QA right now. ETA is at least a few days to go through QA though.
Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post picked up a 5506 WU. Now for the curve ball. The graphics are fine.
That's not a curve ball, that is good news, and it's what I expected to find. You finally got a 5506, which is a 480 point WU from the old set. [It's 480 points, no matter what anyone tells you-PG never changes the value of an existing WU, only the value of new ones.]

The fact that your graphics are OK now tells us that the WUs are the problem-I seriously doubt that reinstalling the client was the problem. It might have had an effect on the ability of the client to download an old WU, though, although I'm not sure why-maybe a config file of some sort that was replaced.

In any case it's better than it was. I would avoid all overclocking of any sort for the time being, until the new core and driver is available. YMMV, though.

Incidentally, I'm getting new WUs only about 50% of the time, and about 1 in 3 have a problem as of this post.

Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
Having a CPU client running at the same time drops PPD.
I have seen nor heard no evidence of this. There isn't any reason for this to happen if the GPU client has exclusive access to its own core. Ask the poster if he set the core affinities of the GPU executable properly.

Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
When the GPU finished and then picked up another WU it was another 5506 but the PPD was 3602 where the last one was 25**
Of course. The 480 point old WUs run at least 30% faster and make more points. The last WU you got was 25 and change because it was in the new series. Normal.

Originally Posted by PorPorMe View Post
Graphics have started to lag a little. Not anything I can't live with but just noticed it.
The GPU client stresses the card more than any stress test or game can. On the main rig in my signature, which is no slouch, I get some laggy scrolling and other stuff with the client running. How much depends on the WU, and it's normal. I think you have to just get used to it.
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