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Originally Posted by starweb View Post
No after the APC battery got damaged, i brought a new one from a third party. I am sure it don't have a chip. But it is working fine. No difference from original apc battery. Just don't have the sticker of apc. When i removed the sticker of my old apc battery it is a exide battery which is available in market. I am sure there is no chip inside or outside it.
Ah, ok. I was thinking you had ADDED a battery, not REPLACED one. Then, as Áedán has said, you should do a run-time calibration on it. When you bought the UPS, you should have received a CD with some management software on it. If you haven't installed that software, you really should, as it will provide tools to monitor the UPS. Among other things, that software will allow you to tell the UPS that you have replaced the battery, and to perform a run-time calibration so that it knows how much better capacity is available.
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