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Unhappy Same crash twice

One thing out of the way, I wasn't OC'ing yet. In fact I had taken all OC off, had stopped F@H, both of them. I was getting ready to put some legs on that Biostar and E4300.
It had a complete crash twice, the same one.
Yesterday was the first time since I built it that I did't have F@H running. I had erronds to run so I shut down, hit the power switch on the monitor and I'm out the door. I didn't watch it power down. I get home in 3 or 4 hrs and power up and nothing. THe fans spin up but nothing else. I do a few resets and I think I see the notification on the monitor of a 5 second power off. It's normal for this monitor. I the memory and bingo, it boots.
Small victory. Once past the Cmos and the Biostar splash screen I get the Windows Safe mode screen. No surprise. I go with normal and It lockes up. Reboot. this time-last known config, It locks. Reboot. this time, safe mode, abour 2 seconds, it locks.
Next step: a Windows Repair. I go to my XP disk and boot to it. About a minute in, this pops up:

an unexpected error (0)
occurred at line 1773 in
press any key to continue

I did and it dumps me out where I start to go into a reboot loop. The boot sequence up to windows and then it would reboot.

The drive is a WD 80GB 7200rpm IDE. Approx. 16GB to C:\ and the rest to Storrage. I used Acronis to format C:\ then I deleted the partion, haveing it make two passes ov overwrite just becouse. Formatted it NTFS, Installed XP Pro Sp3 and back in business.
I got tired about about 9 and went to bed. Couldn't sleep so out to my rig I go and boot it up.

Now I'm worried because the exact same thing happend agian, right down to the error screen and the loop.

I hope somebody has some thoughts on this one because, frankly, this one worries me. The first time ok. the second? exacty the same?
AOA Team fah

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