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I think you're probably right on the mobo...
It doesn't have to be completely dead to have problems like this.
What I think happened is you pushed it to that point where it is showing that it's not all that & can't take what it should have been able to.
Like one or two electronic parts in the mobo were cheap substitutes for what should have gone in there because that's what they had to use.

So the supervisor in the plant said, "We have to meet our quota for the month, so I don't give a ***** what you put in there! Just make them work & get it done!"

So the floor manager used the substandard parts to get the mobo's completed & out the now there are X amount of mobos out there that if you push them, they start going bad...

Of course this is all speculation on "What could happen" in a situation like that...
I'm using this example because I've been in this type of situation before where we did this with a product...

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