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Originally Posted by ThunderRd View Post
Man, be careful. That hose on the bottom card on the left side has to make a big bend. Looks like too much of a bend for 1/2"-can you see how it's pinching off there? You might want to drill a hole a bit higher in the back of the box before the heat softens the hose enough to pinch it off completely...
YEa, I already realized that I have to do that. I will have to wait till I can mask everything off. I still have plenty of flow. The res is swirling like mad. It is tygon so it does pretty well. without the anti kink in place it does kink more.

Stays nice and cool though. And very quiet. Only thing I hear is the pump.
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It's OKAY WE accept you as you think you are here! ":O}
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