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Originally Posted by ccperf721p View Post
There is a 4 gig limitation with 32 bit OS's, but this will include any video memory so what it sees for system memory will vary from rig to rig..

Reconfiguring the boot.ini for PAE will open up some. With the 975 chipset you can run 3 gigs as well. 2 X 1024 and 2 X 512 together.
This is what I've read as well & I'd expect with the amount of testing & system's you've built you'd know ccp!

According to my graphics card there is 554mbs of texture memory usage with it so 554 -320 = 234mbs of shared memory.
So I would imagine this memory amount will be deducted from the total 4Gbs on the installed memory for a grand total of 3,862mbs.

OR, 320+554 = 874 - 4096mbs = 3322mbs of showing installed memory.

OR, 4096-320= 3776mbs of showing installed memory.

Or am I reading this all wrong? See what I mean! LOL

Would be nice if I knew everything already, but I don't...
Thanks for helping me to understand this clearer.

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