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See mine and Gizmo's posts here.

Kingston 4GB DDR2-1066 HyperX Memory

32bit OS can see 4gb of RAM. I use the term RAM loosely as it includes VGA RAM and cache etc etc.

Thats why some people say 3gb, some say 3.7gb, some say 3.5gb. It depends on other components of your system.
4x1024mb or 2x2gb is a smarter buy than say 2x1gb and 2x512mb to give you 3gb. Because mixing and matching sticks screw with memory latency and clock speed and in SOME situations can even decrease performance.

2x2gb or 4x1024 of matching sticks will give you better speed. 2x2gb is the best option though if you chipset support, IE: X38, 965 and 975. 2x2gb also keeps dual channel and what not.

Also, as mentioned you can enable /PAE switch through boot.ini and make it see the 4gb. It gives you the option to upgrade to a 64bit copy Vista which is easy.

EDIT: Just read your most recent post:
According to my graphics card there is 554mbs of texture memory usage with it so 554 -320 = 234mbs of shared memory.
So I would imagine this memory amount will be deducted from the total 4Gbs on the installed memory for a grand total of 3,862mbs correct?
AFAIK this is correct.
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