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I used to have my spec in my signature but with so many links to mods I couldn't fit all the text within the limit. So I had to scratch it.

1. main rig (Dungeon Case) - Gaming, CAD, Photoshop, Websites, Flash, Extra data (game mods, pictures, video, music)
2. Internet rig - Mostly internet and games for lan parties
3. gaming rig (Frozen Case) - older hardware but still plays most games
4. gaming rig (Cross Case) - older hardare too and runs in lan parties
5. gaming rig - my new budget system just for lan parties
6. dedicated server - simple BTX machine for running game servers, you guessed it... lan parties
7. Future Server - been wating over a year to purchase SATA drives for a RAID configuration... otherwise its ready to be my full fledged server.
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