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samuknow can you get any higher on that e6400 under water than 3.3?
ccperf721p so i'll be fine with a q6600 or q6700 and why is that? it would be cool to one day get water cooling.

and my other computers are a 5600+ with two gigs in some asus btx motherboard and a 2200+ with a 1 gig and a 6600gt, i got back from a friend from my first build.
main rig
q9450 under a true 3.5
Gigabyte p45 ud3p F9 bios
g. skill 6400 5-5-5-15-2t 4 gigs
Evga 450 gts
Thermaltake Armor
300gb Seagate ide + Seagate 750gb sata
Logitech thx 5300 5.1
Acer 19' wide al1916w

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