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Originally Posted by danrok View Post
This is the one I have:
Sony nav-u NV-93T (new toy - photos)

Had to rule out Tom Tom just because they don't have maps for where I live.

Bluetooth can be a pain because you have to be sure that your GPS and phone are fully compatible. I bought both at the same time, to ensure that they both work with each other.
Yeah, there are so many horror stories here in Aus. Telstra (countries biggest Telco) have their own specific network called NextG. Anyway, NextG phones (regardless of model) their bluetooth only functions with a GPS as a hands free. It doesnt allow you to use your phone book or anything like that.

The TomTom has great maps for Aus, in MOST situations, not counting the new freeway near where I live. It thinks I'm driving through a paddock! LOL.
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