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Gpu2 - 9600gso

First off, there are many variants to the 9600 GSO, and they may perform significantly differently.

Long story short, I just pulled the trigger today. $65 after rebate. Here is what I got, and comparison to 9600GT:

768MB 192bit 1.6ghz - more memory but slower
96 stream processors - 50% more
Core clock 550mhz - much slower

Forget video performance.... For my needs, it should be more than adequate (upgrade from x700).

Folding wise, if I tweak it, I hope I can match a 9600GT, since it actually has 96 versus 64 stream processors. Does 3500-4000 sound reasonable?

I just ordered this morning, so I won't see it until next week... grrr.
Any advice would be appreciated.
AOA Team fah
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