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Originally Posted by dabaerman View Post
TR, any opinion on the 9800GT vs the 9600Gt for folding? found a 9800 for less than the 9600. tempted to try an ATI card with 320 shaders!
thing is, now that this GPU folding is making a huge difference in ppd, I have become rather greedy for the points. and the team gets a boost too!

IN general today, ATI does not have the folding potential. This may change with a new core, but as far as I know, I think the best ATI cards hit a ceiling around 2500-3000 ppd. While ATI has more shaders, they are dedicated, and cannot effectively fold like a similiar Nvidia card.

For reference, I have a 3870 card, and overclocked, it is giving me 2500 points. The newer, more expensive ATI cards are only marginally better. Also, from what I have read, ATI does not allow for pure shader OCs. It is linked to core, and cannot be separated.

I bought the card last summer, and folding was not a consideration. Now, I am shooting myself, because for the money (and similiar graphics performance), I could have gotten at least another 1k ppd.

Also, I think the 9800 is gonna be a bit better than 9600 for folding, but YMMV. There are so many variations in specs among mfgrs, it is tough to be sure. The reason the 9800 you saw could be so cheap may be that is cut down.

The 9600GSO I picked is dirt cheap, but I hope the extra shaders make up the difference.
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