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Porpor, yes, it has a 4-hole mounting system for the Intel boards. Socket 939 uses the clip style.

I'm really tempted to find a narrow case for the "damn" factor of it sticking out of the case.

I can't believe that a cooler this good is only $25. I'm willing to bet that with a little more pressure on the cooler, and better TIM, it could keep the temps below 42 at full load. My Xigmatek Battle-Axe GPU cooler arrives today. It also sells for $25, and spanks thermalright's best offering. It's closed-bottom fin design is definitely what puts it over the top. Sadly, that same design limits the effectiveness of higher output fans. My 78 CFM 92mm delta screamers won't help on this cooler. It's going to keep it's stock fans.
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