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Originally Posted by dabaerman View Post
oK, now that I got another mb for the 939 dual core and installed smp, there are 4 instances
of 'FahCore_a1.exe running. what do I do now?? is cpu affinity an issue?? I've never seen this
before!! btw, it's the 6.22 Deino Beta and it took me a few tries to get it this far!!

another problem has reared it's ugly head. earlier this month, none of my smp clients would start/run. I decided to remove/delete everything and start over. downloaded the 6.22Beta SMP, installed and started Folding only to find 1 instance of FahCore_82.exe running at 50%. I am sure there is a reasonfor this and a way to get it straightened out. I will see what I can do from here. any help will be welcome.

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