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@cc: I can't say I disagree, although the 8,5 multi is a small advantage over your chip - if only at the 450FSB I run now, it would yield 3.825 vs the 3.5 I now run. Thats a 9% improvement; I've had this board in the 460's as well, and although it wasn't fully stable I didn't really expend much effort to make it so. If I could get it stable at just 460 that's 3.9.

Maybe I'll see if he'll budge on the price a bit-then it may be worth it just for the sport. If I can get it cheaply enough, I might do it just as a folding box. I'm in no hurry to upgrade anything and wasn't looking until he mentioned it to me, so no big deal either way.

Cheers for the input.
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